General Community Rules

1. You are not allowed to speak any other languages than english.
2. Any form of spam is not allowed.
3. Don’t openly argue with other members in a destructive manner.
4. Show respect to everyone.
5. Do not pretend to be a staff member.
6. Don’t publish personal information, share private communication or make jokes at someone’s expense without consent.
7. Do not share any server passwords outside of our community, and do not say them out loud. (People could be streaming.)
8. Advertising another gaming community is forbidden without permission from the staff team.
9. Cheating or otherwise “gaming the system” to gain an advantage over others or to make mischief is forbidden.

Teamspeak Rules

1. Explicit content in your avatar, description and your Name is forbidden.
2. Sending adult content is forbidden.
3. Sending malicious links is forbidden.
4. Soundboards and music may be played if no one opposes it.
5. All members should have working microphones.
6. Don’t use inappropriate names.
7. Don’t use the usernames of other members.
8. Don't use voice changers.

DayZ Standalone Server Rules

We are working on the rules.

Ark Server Rules

We are working on the rules.