About us

American Tactics is an Arma 3 community that plays Arma 3 in a realistic way.
Like many other communities we are like-minded players who wish to experience a certain type of game-play above what is normally seen in most games.
We play cooperative with a variety of missions. All our missions are made by members of our community and are specifically created for our playstyle and player base and skill so everyone is guaranteed a fun experience.

We do follow standard military procedures, a platoon structure and trainings for every specific role and a ranking system ranging from Private to Colonel
members are expected to role-play their specific positions when in-game.
An emphasis is placed on realistic trainings, objectives, and operations.
We do however place fun above all else. So you won't be having a bad experience.
it’s all about combining fun and realism, authenticity and immersion in a way that everyone can enjoy.
You are not just a number, but an actual member of the community who has the potential to shape what we become.

Mission Schedule

We regularly host weekly missions and training sessions.
our current mission schedule is: 20:00 (CET) every Saturday.
Our current training schedule is: 20:00 (CET) every Friday.

Combined Operations

Arma 3 is an awesome game and we as their community can be thankful for a game that offers us that variety of opportunities to play military simulation.

It is understandable that many formed groups are constantly looking for new players since one of Arma's strengths is that it gets even more fun with a higher amount of players on one map. So why not cooperate together? We all are not rivals or competitors.
We can also do a Community VS Community mission.

We are always interested!

Please join our TeamSpeak3 server and contact a staff member.
Or send us an Email.

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